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Intentional Jewelry Party

Manifesting and making memories.

Bring your hopes and desires, and experience the "Law of Attraction" through intentional jewelry making.

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About the party...

LOA (Law of Attraction) Practitioner KellyAnn Tracy will provide instruction on the 5 key elements of manifestation.  Infuse your beads of choice with individualized properties of manifestation.  After bracelet creation instruction, create a beautiful, original bracelet.  Simply noticing the bracelet as you wear it throughout the day will stimulate memories of your manifestation desire. This process, when repeated, is believed to bring about manifestation quicker and more accurately.

Ages: 12 and up

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Light refreshments provided.  


$45 per person, your space. 
Space must have sufficient area to secure beads as well as an area for each participant.
Fifty percent deposit is required to guarantee the date.  


$55 per person, our space. 
Pre-registration and deposit required.  

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